When did it all start?

Four years ago, Thijmen and I had the idea to start a Facebook group where there would be high quality posts about bushcraft and primitive skills. This because we were completely done with all that nonsense and clutter that you read all over the world under the term bushcraft. If you light a fire pit and fry your bacon on it in the backyard, that was bushcraft. If you spent the weekend with your cool box, chair, gas burner, plastic crockery and fancy steel sausage sticks on a camping site, that was bushcraft. And so I can give more examples like this but in the context of, I don’t want to hurt too many feelings, I keep it modest. But you know what I mean.

Anyway, we wanted to offer something to people that gives depth, which makes people super enthusiastic about what bushcraft really is: a deep-seated life attitude based on natural knowledge. Techniques, crafts, experiences, failures, etc., which enable us to get the most out of nature with little equipment. If only the knowledge is there. And not only an intellectual knowledge but also a practical knowledge.

After we started the Facebook group, the next step was quite logical. Let’s have a big event where here also the quality of teaching is paramount.

And of course it would not be Thijmen if it had to be one of the if not the largest in Europe. With his experience at the Bushcraft Symposium in Canada, where he spoke to many renowned instructors and entrepreneurs in bushcraft and survival, the choice was made. We are going to organize an event in 2020.

After weighing up and laying a foundation, we soon found out that 2020 would come too soon, and luckily……..

A lot of time has been invested in the logo and the design of the website. And then Corona came. We had a lot of time left and that gave us the opportunity to arrange many things, make appointments, visit locations, etc. And now the time has come. The website is almost ready. We already have a large group of excellent instructors coming and many will join. Check the list here.

Keep an eye on the news page for all changes and announcements. I hope you get as excited about this event as we are!

See you next year !?


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