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Arrow production

Arrow production
28 July, 2020

Arrow production

Making flint arrowheads

Spend a morning learning how to produce a range of different style of flint arrowheads crested microliths, pressure flaked leave points and notched (barbed and tanged arrowheads)

What are we going to do:

a master class in pressure flaking Flint Knapping

arrow selection, understanding types of suitable wood, spine considerations length and balance

fletching, types of feathers, and fletching styles

pine pitch glue management

different options for tying things together, looking at a range of suitable natural cordages

5 may 2021 at 9:30 am
Duration: The workshop will last 7 hour
Costs Masterclass: €59,50

About The Speaker

Born in 1970, Will Lord grew up on the English Heritage site of Grimes Graves, a prehistoric flint mine in Norfolk, where his parents were custodians for many years. With a strong family history of archaeology & flint knapping, Will continued & progressed the tradition, becoming the leading expert on prehistoric survival skills.

Will Lord spent many years perfecting the art of flint knapping and is expert at producing stone tools such as hand axes, knives & arrowheads. Read more >

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