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Birch bark – weaving

Birch bark – weaving
18 May, 2020

Birch bark – weaving

Making a basket with birch bark strips

Working with birch bark is a beautiful and very old craft. The first Slavic cultures were known for the use of birch bark. That was used in making baskets, shoes, clothes, roofing, containers, pots, toys, etc.

This Masterclass takes you into the old craft of weaving with birch bark strips. Many techniques are discussed. This way you learn how to prepare the birch bark and the ways of weaving. We will also pay attention to how birch bark is harvested and how to keep it at home. A unique master class to follow.

This is what we ar gonna do:

Birch bark theory (harvest and varieties)

Preparing the birch bark

Cutting the strips

Weaving with birch bark

Timetable: 4 may 2021 at 9:30 am
Duration: The masterclass will last 7 hours
Costs Masterclass: €59,50

Take the following with you:

Own knife

About The Speaker

Siegurd van Leusen is the founder of and an outdoor enthousiast in heart and soul. Raised in the countryside in Umbria, Italy and only returned to the Netherlands at the age of 19 to move again shortly afterwards for three years between the French vineyards. Now, although still with great pleasure, he has been working for almost twenty years at Outline Travel as chief instructor in outdoor sports and where he runs the entire Bushcraft part of the organisation. Read more >

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