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Bushcraft chair

Bushcraft chair
3 August, 2020

Bushcraft chair

Making a chair from natural material

In this workshop, we make a comfortable chair for your camp all from natural materials and a bit of cordage. We will teach you to find the right wood, make the right cuts and do the right knotes to make a nice chair to relax in around the campfire This chair was invented by one of good danish friends and have since then been seen made all over the world. All materials for this class will be provided and you can bring the chair home with you after the workshop/event

Timetable: 7 may 2021 at 9:30 am

Duration: The workshop will last 3 hour

Take the following with you:

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About The Speaker

Jens has been interested in primitive, bushcraft and survival skills all his life. He has been learning new skills and spend countless days in the wilderness since childhood. Jens is today working as the lead-instructor at Bushcraft Danmark along side the owner Jesper Hede. From childhood Jens has spend countless hours in nature learning about bushcraft and primitive skills and is today a very skills woodcarver and bushcrafter i general. He has for the past 10 years been one of the main people in the danish bushcraft community and is now working as a fulltme instructor and store-manager at Bushcraft Danmark and Read more >

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