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Coiling with pine needles

Coiling with pine needles
28 July, 2020

Coiling with pine needles

Making a basket with pine needles

Making baskets is one of the onderst and most universal crafts in the history of men.  The craft is onder then baking pottery! 

Everywhere in the world baskets were (and are) made by hand with different techniques and materials. Coiling is one of those techniques. 

A flexible material is formed like a spiral into a basket, where each spiral row (coil) is bound with a binding agent on the underlying coil. Numerous materials are suitable for this technique and the choice was entirely dependent on the materials available in the region.

In this course you will coil a basket f pine needles yourself. A material that was widely used by the natives of the southeast coast of North America. You will learn how to prepare your materials, how to start, shape and finish a basket. Attention is also paid to the details and finishing of your basket for the best result. You will be amazed by the strength and flexibility of this fragile material! 

What are we going to do:

Theory on coiling with pine needles (harvesting, conserving, alternatives and possible stitches)

Preparing materials

Coiling with pine needles

Closing rim

7 may 2021 at 9:30 am

Duration: The workshop will last 4 hour

Take the following with you:

good humour and patience!

About The Speaker

Hi! My name is Linda Welgraven and unlike many, I didn’t grow up learning the skills of thriving in the outdoors. But, I always felt a connection with Nature. Ever since I was little I was wandering on forest grounds, being amazed by all the things I found and saw.

Often, I lost track of place and time, completely consumed by my mini-adventures with no goal. I just loved being in the woods and especially got great satisfaction of spotting roe deer. Later in my teens, this all got a bit to the background. Later on in my 20’s, by the time I had a high responsable, time consuming job, my desire to be in nature came back, and even more heavily. During my search for like-minded people a stumbled upon a bushcraft event where a new world unfolded to me. Read more >

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