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Deer leg sewing kit

Deer leg sewing kit
11 August, 2020

Deer leg sewing kit

Deer leg sewing kit

A deer carcass is not just a source of food. Used carefully it can be a treasure trove of useful resources for clothing, containers, food, glue and more.

For this workshop we will be using deer ‘Hocks’, the lower legs which are often discarded by modern hunters.

Each leg can provide us with a complete sewing kit- awls, needles, sinew for thread and a pouch to keep it all in. You will each be issued with a deer leg, a dried hock skin and some semi prepared blanks so that you can try all of the necessary stages and use all of the tools.

You will learn how to use flint to dismantle the deer leg into its main parts, then how to use (and sharpen) flint burins, saws and drills to extract the pieces you want. Flint scrapers will be used to prepare the skins.

9 may 2021 at 8:30 am
9 may 2021 at 13:30 am

Duration: workshop will last 4 hours

Take the following with you:

sit mat/chair

About The Speaker

I found my way to a love of bushcraft at a very young age. A love of fossil collecting quickly led to an interest in flintknapping and all things prehistoric. For 13 years I worked for Ray Mears Company Woodlore, working on, and running a variety of bushcraft courses.

I’ve been involved in re enacting since the age of 7 and have dabbled in many historical skills (such as spinning, weaving, dyeing, felting, pottery and basketry) in addition to the fire lighting, shelter building and trapping that are the core of bushcraft. More recently I began working with expert Flint knapper Will Lord, conducting stone age school visits, and last summer took over the running of that part of the business. I and my fellow Caveman visit schools all over the UK, giving the children hands-on experiences of stone age life. Read more >

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