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Hand Drill Friction Fire

Hand Drill Friction Fire
23 June, 2020

Hand Drill Friction Fire

Hand Drill Friction Fire (Lecture and Build)

Fire and all it can bring in remote living and in a survival situation are endless. Friction Fire making is assumed skill, but often left to more modern means of fire making because of simplicity of action and effort. Hand Drill Friction Fire, a popular method of fire, but often identified as the hardest is widely used today and by cultures past as a sound way to create fire by friction. 

This is what we gonna do:

Tools required to build a HDFF Set.

Tinder/1st Kindling/2nd Kindling/1st Fuel Wood/2nd Fuel Wood = Fire

Wood Selection for hearth/Spindle and coal catch selection.

Body Positions/Hand Movement/Rotation/Pressure = Physical requirements

Trouble Shooting with HDFF

Putting it all together to get you first coal and then fire.

Timetable: 5 may 2021 at 9:30 am
Duration: This Masterclass will last 4 hours

Costs Masterclass: €59,50

Take the following with you:

Own knife

About The Speaker

Donny started in wilderness survival and primitive skills at an early age. Donny grew up fishing, hiking, exploring the unique environments he found himself living in. Because of a natural curiosity of the real world around him, Donny spent all his time in the wild spaces that surrounded him. He was constantly building shelters, gathering, crafting primitive weaponry and just experimenting with his natural surroundings. There wasn’t a time where Donny was not curious about how to live in the wilds. Read more >

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