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Make your own gourd

Make your own gourd
14 July, 2020

Make your own gourd

Making a nice gourd

Water is essential to life.  Yet, we often ignore how to transport it if we lack modern materials.  Gourds are one method used to transport water. At the same time, it is a wonderful plant with a rich history and many uses. Through making a gourd canteen yourself and the magic of tales you will gain a new love.

This is what we gonna do:

discuss different ways of transporting water

make a gourd canteen

discover other ways to use a gourd

stories and tales

Timetable: 7 may 2021 at 9:30 am
Duration: The workshop will last 4 hours

Take the following with you:

Own knife

About The Speaker

Anna is bushcraft instructor at Living by Nature and ecologist. She grew up in Luxemburg and France where she spend most of her time roaming outdoors. Her urge to adventure took her to many places.

Among others, Madagascar where she followed lemurs through the primal forests, Mexico where she spend hours in the dry jungle unravelling the secrets of ara’s and Siberia where marshes and mosquitoes are making the rules.. Read more >

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7 may 2021 - WORKSHOP