Pattern making for clothing

Pattern making for clothing
11 August, 2020

Pattern making for clothing

Pattern making for clothing

Clothing is easily taken for granted, but it is absolutely essential to our existence.  In modern life when cloth is relatively inexpensive and easily obtainable it is hard to imagine the huge effort required to make even a simple garment like a shirt. Tanning is being covered by several other demos and workshops, but anyone who has tried it will  appreciate that the leather you have spent hours over becomes so precious that it is hard to cut it up!

Making clothing that fits, and functions as you want it to  is tricky, but by making a pattern can take out some of the guess work and worry.

The exact methods our ancestors used  to measure and fit clothing are lost to us, but using some old, and some modern techniques, you can make a pattern that can be adapted to make a variety of garments- from close fitting undergarments, to warm outer clothing. Working in pairs you will create patterns by ‘draping’.  We will concentrate on the ‘top half of the body, but will also look briefly at trousers.

7 may 2021 at 14:00 am
8 may 2021 at 9:30 am

Duration: workshop will last 4 hours

Take the following with you:

sit mat/chair

About The Speaker

I found my way to a love of bushcraft at a very young age. A love of fossil collecting quickly led to an interest in flintknapping and all things prehistoric. For 13 years I worked for Ray Mears Company Woodlore, working on, and running a variety of bushcraft courses.

I’ve been involved in re enacting since the age of 7 and have dabbled in many historical skills (such as spinning, weaving, dyeing, felting, pottery and basketry) in addition to the fire lighting, shelter building and trapping that are the core of bushcraft. More recently I began working with expert Flint knapper Will Lord, conducting stone age school visits, and last summer took over the running of that part of the business. I and my fellow Caveman visit schools all over the UK, giving the children hands-on experiences of stone age life. Read more >

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