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Peruvian Woven Sling

Peruvian Woven Sling
5 August, 2020

Peruvian Woven Sling

Weaving a Peruvian Sling

Participants will weave a sling and hearing the history and use of this simple, yet deadly weapon. Learn how a simple Shepard’s tool became a weapon in Greek and Roman armies. We will learn to throw safely and see examples from around the world.

What are we going to do:

History of sling

Braiding and weaving a sling

Throwing a sling


8 may 2021 at 9:30 am
Duration: The workshop will last 4 hour

Take the following with you:

Bring a knife

If you have wool you have processed you can bring to weave. Kumihimo thread bobbins are extremely helpful when weaving to keep your threads from tangling. On Amazon 8 cost five dollars, but once you see this trick work you will find them priceless.

About The Speaker

Douglas grew up in Indiana, but his parents had a cabin in the woods on a lake in Kentucky, so he spent his weekends and summers in the woods. He found his first arrowhead when he was six and this fascination with Native American culture never stopped.

Douglas moved to North Carolina in High school and joined the Army before going to college. Unlike everyone else that was in the military, Douglas did not learn any real outdoor survival skills in the Army. Douglas went to college and majored in History and Anthropology. On a college field trip to the Schiele Museum, Douglas met Steve Watts. Read more >

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