Primitive Arrow

Primitive Arrow
20 July, 2020

Primitive Arrow

Making a primitive arrow

In the grand scheme the arrow sent by the archer does the work. It is the most critical component of the bow and arrow!

The “primitive arrow” is only primitive when compared to modern advancements but can be just as accurate and deadly.

This Masterclass will teach you how to create wooden arrows that will be straightened, spined, hardened and fletched by YOU.

The arrows will be made of Hazel and fletched with real sinew, hide glue and goosefeathers.

What are we going to do:

Material selection

Straightening & Spline

Hardening & Roasting

Hand carved self nock


Primitive Finish

7 may 2021 at 9:30 am

Duration: The workshop will last 4 hour

Take the following with you:

leather gloves

safety glasses

About The Speaker

Jamie lives in Port Huron, Michigan (USA).
He is an inspiring craftsman, outdoor skills instructor, author and naturalist.

A father, husband and a student of old ways.
If i’m not with my family you will find me at a workbench or trying to get lost in the lakes or wild.  Read more >

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