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Saami Pouch

Saami Pouch
30 May, 2020

Saami Pouch

Making a traditional Saami pouch

Nomadic People’s possessions have to be light, functional and durable. Often, they are also beautiful and decorated with personal designs and amulets.  Pouches were used to carry and store everything, from coffee and sugar, to tinder and tools. The construction of the Saami Pouch looks deceivingly simple, but is ingeniously  in design. During this Masterclass you will sew your own Saami Pouch from leather and decorate it with your own unique style. What are we going to do:

You will design and cut leather

Taught about sewing materials, such as sinew and glover needles

You will learn to sew a whip stitch and tucked pleats.

Make cordage for a draw string

Carve a lovely drawstring button from Red Deer Antler

Timetable: 4 may 2021 at 9:30 am
Duration: The masterclass will last 4 hours
Costs Masterclass:
Take the following with you: Suitable for beginners; but please be aware that sewing leather is tough on your hands!! All materials are provided, but please bring:

your own pair of sharp scissors

you could also bring some special beads, antler pieces, bone or other amulets to decorate your pouch with

your own rug, sit mat or blanket to sit and work on


About The Speaker

My name is Willow Lohr and for the past 18 years I have been professionally teaching Bushcraft, Wilderness Living skills and Primitive Handskills to adults, children and professionals alike. Currently I work for LivingbyNature as Head Instructor where I design and teach year-long courses in primitive livingskills, winter expedition skills, as well as more lore and legend based shamanistic ways of being in Nature. Well, that all sounds boring and pompous! What really happens when you come to a workshop or course with me?. Read more >

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