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Tanning in a day

Tanning in a day
2 June, 2020

Tanning in a day

One day tanning overview course

Before the advent of modern tanning agents, humans were turning raw skin into usable leather products using materials readily available to them from the surrounding environment. Come learn the progression of this process from raw skin to beautiful, usable, finished leather from an instructor with over 25 years of experience in tanning technologies.

This course will cover pre-processes necessary to all tannage types such as: storing skins and de-fleshing. After which steps such as de-hairing and de-graining specific to individual tannage types such as hair off vegetable tan and fat tans will be covered. In the afternoon the course will delve into dressing and softening both vegetable tanned and fat tanned skins.

This course will be a combination of demonstration and hands on experience and will include a short talk on tanning theory to explain the various tannage types, along with a handling collection of different types covered in the talk.

Please come prepared to get a bit dirty!

What are we going to do:

Discussing storing skins and de-fleshing

De-haring and de-graining

Dressing and softening

Timetable: 4 may 2021 at 9:30 am
Duration: The masterclass will last 7 hours
Costs Masterclass: €59,50

Take the following with you:

All tools will be provided. Please be aware the only thing you will take away from this course is knowledge.

About The Speaker

Theresa has been practicing traditional living skills including tanning skins using a variety of technologies for over 25 years. She is originally from the state of Wyoming in the United States, where she was lucky enough to grow up as part of a family of outdoor enthusiasts. This enthusiasm extended to hunting, fishing and trapping in the vast tracks of wilderness surrounding her home town. Learning to tan was a natural offshoot of the attempt to use as much of the animal as possible and had the added bonus of producing a beautiful end product.. Read more >

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