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31 May, 2020


Tracking; whose feet are those anyway?

Tracking is often cloaked in mystery. For sure, it is near magical when a good tracker looks at an animal print and ‘reads’ who was there, which foot was placed where, male or female and how fast or slow the animal was moving. It is like looking back in time and seeing what happened before. But tracking and reading prints and spoor can be learned, and in this workshop I will open up the door to show you how. What are we going to do:


Foot morphology; why are feet just so?

Recognising animal prints

Looking at real animal feet

Gait and movement

Tracks in the wild

Timetable: 7 may 2021 at 9:30 am Duration: The masterclass will last 4 hours Costs Masterclass: €59,50 Take the following with you: No previous experience necessary. Please bring:

ruler or measuring tape

camera (on your phone)

notebook and pencil

sit mat

About The Speaker

My name is Willow Lohr and for the past 18 years I have been professionally teaching Bushcraft, Wilderness Living skills and Primitive Handskills to adults, children and professionals alike. Currently I work for LivingbyNature as Head Instructor where I design and teach year-long courses in primitive livingskills, winter expedition skills, as well as more lore and legend based shamanistic ways of being in Nature. Well, that all sounds boring and pompous! What really happens when you come to a workshop or course with me?. Read more >

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