Clothing is one of the things that sets humans apart form animals. Without it, we could never have migrated from our warm homeland with such success. Yet the ability to make it is an often-overlooked skill. Modern outdoor clothing is so easily obtainable that we forget the lengths our ancestors went to

Exclusive five-course dinner using foraged ingredients. Each dish contains an open fire preparation, foraged ingredients and vegetables from our own garden. Every course comes with an explanation about the foraged ingredients.

Being able to find and process water while out on the trail is an essential skill. Unfortunately it is one of the skills that is often overlooked and neglected. This is often due to a combination of fear,confusion, misinformation and the fact it is a resource often taken for granted. Rupert will explain

A comprehensive demonstration on the safe use of an ax. An important topic for any bushcrafter, especially since this target group uses an ax in remote areas. We classify each explanation by type and activity (splitting, folding, portioning, carving). we will talk about the height of the chopping block, the correct posture for

Steve teaches one of the only Paddle Carving courses in the UK. He teaches using solid wood and hand tools only to create beautiful canoe paddles. In this demonstration Steve will show the tools and techniques used and the various paddle designs and woods used for different waters.