In this class we will explore the little known blowgun made by Native Americans in the Southeastern United States. We will make a blowgun of rivercane, a native bamboo to America, and a set of traditional darts fletched with thistle, cotton and fur. We will discuss shooting and if time allows take

Primitive people invented many ingenious ways to attract games with calls. We will construct calls for turkeys, predators, deer and moose. We will practice the calls and learn practical hunting methods for their use. 

A master class in flint knapping and handling blade cores and looking at the possible tool assemblages, ( microliths burins knifes scrapers and saws ). Approach both bone and antler to produce essential tools such as needles , awls, harpoons, fish hooks and beads etc.

Spend a morning learning how to produce a range of different style of flint arrowheads crested microliths, pressure flaked leave points and notched (barbed and tanged arrowheads)

Spend a morning learning how to craft a nodule of flint into an axe head then haft it into a wooden handle and fix it with pitch and rawhide strapping.

Rawhide has been used since the very beginning of the hunter gatherer era. It's relatively easy to produce, has a multitude of purposes and is incredibly strong and durable. The name Parfleche is of Canadian French origin, deriving from the materials ability to deflect an arrow. The rawhide Parfleche envelope would have

Paul’s favourite Bushcraft tool is the axe and he is the author of a book on wilderness axe skills and campcraft. The axe brings speed and efficiency to woodcraft. The axe is a brilliant tool to have in your woodshed but also a great enabler on a wilderness expedition. If misused,

Once you move beyond very basic Bushcraft, you have to learn how to accurately identify trees and plants. If you can’t identify the resources, you can’t make use of them. The broader the range of species you can identify, the more resources you can find all around you. In addition

Fire and all it can bring in remote living and in a survival situation are endless. Friction Fire making is assumed skill, but often left to more modern means of fire making because of simplicity of action and effort. Hand Drill Friction Fire, a popular method of fire, but often identified as