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Fish hooks is one of the most important tools in a primitive or survival situation, passive hunting/fishing gives you the ability to do other tasks but still able to catch, There is allot to find about hooks on the internet but there is not allot of specific details sizes etc

Despite the fact that ‘fire making’ is a central topic in bushcraft, it still, often, leaves many questions unanswered. Today we travel back in time; way back to Mesolithic and Neolithic times and stand in the fur-hide boots of our ancestors. Fire is a story, an experience, a choice.

Needle felting, or dry felting, is a little removed from my usual primitive bushcraft skills, but nevertheless, I would like to offer it as a Masterclass. First of all, woollen animal sculptures are beautiful. Secondly, it is a very therapeutic craft. Thirdly, it uses readily available, natural materials and fourthly, you can

Nomadic People’s possessions have to be light, functional and durable. Often, they are also beautiful and decorated with personal designs and amulets. Pouches were used to carry and store everything, from coffee and sugar, to tinder and tools. The construction of the Saami Pouch looks deceivingly simple, but is ingeniously

Working with birch bark is a beautiful and very old craft. The first Slavic cultures were known for the use of birch bark. That was used in making baskets, shoes, clothes, roofing, containers, pots, toys, etc. This Masterclass takes you into the old craft of weaving with birch bark strips. Many techniques are