Masterclasses, May 4thFish Hooks (May 4th 09:30-17:00)

Fish Hooks (May 4th 09:30-17:00)


Fish hooks is one of the most important tools in a primitive or survival situation, passive hunting/fishing gives you the ability to do other tasks but still able to catch,

There is allot to find about hooks on the internet but there is not allot of specific details sizes etc for these type of things, after loads of research and expirimenting over the last 8 years I gained a knowledge beyond the normal information you can find today, in this day masterclass were going to make fishhooks/compositehooks/nutka hooks, most people know these hooks from the nw coast people canada, but hooks like these were used all over the world but with divergent material.

These hooks were going to make are hooks you can fish with. Also explaining and butting them to the water is wat we will do, some extra information on long lines etc will be excplaind and your going home within a hook and a good understanding of the use of these.

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