Masterclasses, May 4thRawhide Parfleche (May 4th 09:30-17:00)

Rawhide Parfleche (May 4th 09:30-17:00)


Rawhide has been used since the very beginning of the hunter gatherer era. It’s relatively easy to produce, has a multitude of purposes and is incredibly strong and durable.

The name Parfleche is of Canadian French origin, deriving from the materials ability to deflect an arrow.

The rawhide Parfleche envelope would have been used as storage for food items or valuables since early man. However, the beauty of this simple item was truly highlighted by the Native Americans, who would embellish them using natural pigments, as we will in this masterclass.
In this masterclass you’ll learn about the techniques involved in the manufacture and decoration of rawhide. We will discuss its unique qualities. We will choose a pattern for your Parfleche, cut and form the shape and finish by using natural pigment paints and hide glue to decorate them, applied using hand made bone brushes.

This is a truly primitive craft and skill in which you’ll leave with a functional container to be treasured and well used.

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