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Anna Luijten
Living by Nature

Anna Luijten

Anna is bushcraft instructor at Living by Nature and ecologist. She grew up in Luxemburg and France where she spend most of her time roaming outdoors. Her urge to adventure took her to many places.

Among others, Madagascar where she followed lemurs through the primal forests, Mexico where she spend hours in the dry jungle unravelling the secrets of ara’s and Siberia where marshes and mosquitoes are making the rules.
These experiences with nature marked deeply her soul. Therefore, her mission consists of awakening a deep respect for nature in her fellow humans. She believes that the combination of tales, crafts and experiences is a powerful tool to get there. Besides, she obtained a Masters degree in Forest & Nature Conservation which enables her to bridge science and bushcraft.

At Living by Nature her curiosity for ancient living skills arose. After successfully passing the Instructor course she started to work for Living by Nature, which she still does with pleasure.

Position: Instructor at Living by Nature
2021-05-07 Make your own gourd

Sessions by Anna Luijten

7 may 2021 – WORKSHOP