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Auke Postmus
Siegurd Bushcraft & Survival

Auke Postmus

"Ko tātou, tātou". With the above Maori statement I introduce myself to you. It means "we are one" For me, it stands for: one with nature. At the same time it also reflects my interest in ancient & indigenous cultures.

Being one with nature is something I inherited from my grandfather when I was a little boy. With respect of the beaten track, on search & adventure with a lot of interest in particular the wonderful animal world. Always aware of your environment and your own presence. Knowledge and values that I, as a proud father of two special kids, in turn try to pass on.

Besides my daily work, a few years ago, I wanted to spent more time in nature in a different & even more active way. Soon I came across bushcraft: living outside in a pure and respectful way in & with nature.
After a few workshops, I then followed a year course at Living by Nature. This was a fantastic opportunity to broaden and deepen knowledge and primitive skills. A two week end expedition in the Swedish wilderness against the border with Norway in completely primitive conditions was a unique life experience.

After this I also had the opportunity to follow the instructor course at Living by Nature. But personal growth was not the only motive to take on this challenge. It is my opinion that in our current modern society it is important that we preserve and share this kind of knowledge, skills and way of thinking to be able to live in & with nature.

For me a cirkle got completed when Siegurd, owner and lead instructor of (who in the past was also one of my mentors), gave me the opportunity to join his team.
Perhaps I can share my enthusiasm & knowledge with you?

"Ko tātou, tātou"

Position: Instructor Siegurd Bushcraft & Survival
2021-05-08 Test 1
2021-05-07 Test 2
2021-05-09 Test 3
2021-05-05 Test 4

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