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Casper Mittendorp
Living by Nature

Casper Mittendorp

Since my youth I have been in nature, respect for nature has been learned early by scouting and thanks to my uncle, both a great inspiration for me to start bushcrafting.

I followed a outdoor instructor study, and came in to contact with Living By Nature, I followed two internships at Living By Nature and after that followed the year course.

At Living By Nature I learned bushcrafting is more than just camping in the forest with a knife on your belt, making some fires. It's a whole new way of thinking and learning about the olden days when people were in a better relationship with nature.

This really fitted well with another interest of mine; living history. To learn about primitive lifestyle and crafts brings you closer to your forefathers.

Position: Assistant Instructor at Living by Nature
2021-05-07 Making a netting needle
2021-05-07 Net making workshop
2021-05-08 Making a netting needle
2021-05-08 Net making workshop
2021-05-09 Making a netting needle
2021-05-09 Net making workshop

Sessions by Casper Mittendorp

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8 May 2021 – WORKSHOP
9 May 2021 – WORKSHOP