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Daan Timmers

Daan Timmers

‘Walk your Talk’ ….has turned into a life changing mantra for Daan. As one of Dutch Ancestral Movement experts she literally Moves through a dynamic life and inspires others to do so too.

Daan teaches what we can learn from our Paleolithic Ancestors when it comes to movement, food foraging and using ancient techniques like the transport of water. Now seen as clear-cut demarcations, seen through the eyes of the hunter/gatherer all these aspects are natural integrations of a holistic understanding of nature.

In daily life Daan lives a nomadic lifestyle on a historical sailing boat roaming the waters and shores with her partner and three home-schooled kids. Exploring a primitive lifestyle in a modern world, foraging for food and implementing primitive techniques. Daan is founder and instructor at Verwildernis where she teaches and shares her inspiration with adults and kids.

Position: Founder and instructor at Verwildernis

Sessions by Daan Timmers

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