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Daniele Rinaldi
Natural Survival

Daniele Rinaldi

“Life is a ... constantly growing concentration of passions and interests". I heard these words when I was a child. I don’t remember who said this sentence, but I remember how it touched me in the deep.

And so, in my lifetime, I have always fed my passions and interests and found a way to integrating them. And my passions are living in Nature, practicing primitive skills and craftsmanship, learning about traditional, indigenous and ancient cultures.

Whenever it was possible, I was outdoor, enjoying and knowing the Nature. Ten years of Scouting experience helped me to relating the Nature with respect and balance. At the same time I started to gaining Froissartage, Bushcraft and Survival skills while improving my handicraft ability as well.

My desire for adventure and ‘unknown’ has led me to travel a lot, to get to know and get in touch with different cultures and to discover their traditions and religions. Among other trips, the experience of three weeks in the Congo, in the “brousse”, with indigenous people, was extremely formative, from both a professional and human perspective.

I have deepened this interest by studying Humanistic Sciences: History of Religions, from animistic forms up to Polytheisms and Monotheisms, and the study of ancient cultures, indigenous and traditional populations all over the world but with a particular focus on populations and tribes from Central and South America.

The meet in 2018 with Marco Priori and the "Natural Survival", gave new life to my curiosity and opportunities for further growth and awareness. Currently, beside being in the middle of my training course, I collaborate with Marco as “Environmental Tutor” and “Assistant Instructor” during some of his courses.

I am also a student in the two-year-long winter course at Living By Nature. This experience is giving me the opportunity to widen my knowledge and deepen my primitive skills… The next step in the constantly growing concentration of my passions and interests!

Position: Assistant Instructor Natural Survival

Sessions by Daniele Rinaldi

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