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Dave Holder
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Dave Holder

Dave joined the British Army at age 16; he served as a combat engineer. He also taught Mountain Training skills, leading groups around the world from Europe, to Africa, Belize and North America. After 21 years he retired and immigrated to Canada where he worked for 8 years as a civilian instructor, training British and Canadian Military in different mountain, and survival skills in the Canadian Rockies.

Retiring from all military activities he started an outdoor skills company called Mahikan Trails, with his wife Brenda. He teaches hunter education, fishing, and traditional survival skills; and is a Wilderness Living skills Instructor (a certificate he gained from Mors Kochanski). As a qualified professional guide he teaches mountain and wilderness leadership courses, including wilderness first aid, to several colleges and associations for both summer, and winter travel skills.

Dave also works within the TV/film industry as a survival and safety consultant, more recently he has been involved as the Lead Survival Consultant for the History Channels Alone and Alone the Beast shows. He is a published author with several magazines articles.

Position: Lead Guide/Instructor at Mahikan Trails
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