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Dennis Willems
Restaurant Morille

Dennis Willems

Dennis is chef and owner of Restaurant Morille in Koudekerke, the Netherlands. Named after Dennis’ favourite find, Restaurant Morille is characterized by cooking only with what is currently available in this very region.

Dennis is an opportunistic chef, who does not devise his dishes first, but dives into nature to forage, and only then devises the dishes based on the harvest. In this way, he is forced to become creative and experimental by creating a top-level dish with only the harvest as a guide.

In private he strives for self-sufficient life. Vegetable garden and livestock are life for him as life is meant to be. Largely moving away from commerce and supermarket politics. The vegetable garden is also an essential part of his kitchen in "Morille".

Bushcraft is a hobby that he practised experimentally as a teenager, self-taught, and his hobby and work have now passionately merged in his restaurant.

Position: Chef and forager at Restaurant Morille
2021-05-07 Exclusive five-course dinner
2021-05-08 Exclusive five-course dinner

Sessions by Dennis Willems

7 may 2021 – DEMONSTRATION
8 may 2021 – DEMONSTRATION