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Douglas S. Meyer

Douglas S. Meyer

Douglas grew up in Indiana, but his parents had a cabin in the woods on a lake in Kentucky, so he spent his weekends and summers in the woods. He found his first arrowhead when he was six and this fascination with Native American culture never stopped.

Douglas moved to North Carolina in High school and joined the Army before going to college. Unlike everyone else that was in the military, Douglas did not learn any real outdoor survival skills in the Army. Douglas went to college and majored in History and Anthropology. On a college field trip to the Schiele Museum, Douglas met Steve Watts.

Steve taught classes in his Aboriginal Studies Program at the museum. Douglas immediately started taking classes and was in Steve’s final class twenty five years later. Douglas and Steve became close friends and spent many hours driving to events. Through Steve, Douglas met another legend, Dr. Errett Callahan, who Douglas trained with for 20 years. Douglas learned flintknapping, archery, drawing and so many skills from Errett; Douglas even had the privilege of being Errett’s teaching assistant for seven workshops. Doug studied tracking and fire making with Charles Worsham, desert survival with Tony Nester and Winter Survival with Mathieu Hebert.

Because of Douglas’ close friendship with Steve and Errett, he had the opportunity to be exposed to so many skills and has tried almost everything. Douglas uses a combination of Errett’s technical scientific approach and Steve’s more hands on approach when he teaches. Douglas believes that these primitive skills are the universal denominator that connects all humans. No matter where in the world you are from your ancestors started a fire by rubbing two sticks together. If they did not then you would not be here.

Douglas tries to make, read or write something primitive every day. Douglas’ book, Native American Blowguns, will be out this fall and his second book, a survival book with a twist, is nearly halfway finished. When not wandering the woods or making something, Douglas spends time with his wife, Jana and their two dogs, Sassy and Sadie. Although still working a full time job, Douglas teaches when he can and hopes to soon retire so he can teach, learn and travel around the world.

2021-05-05 Primitive Game Calls
2021-05-06 Rivercane Blowgun and Darts
2021-05-07 Snow Goggles
2021-05-07 Shark Tooth Tools
2021-05-08 Peruvian Woven Sling
2021-05-09 Fingerweaving

Sessions by Douglas S. Meyer

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