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Ellen van Eijmeren
Living by Nature

Ellen van Eijmeren

I like to invite people to join me in a life long journey in the world of bushcraft and ancestral skills.

The deep fullfilling of making your tools and clothing. To learn how to use plants for medicine or food. To understand the forest and the wildlife within in. All this knowlegde and skills that were used in the old days are precious and should be preserved, rediscovered and passed on.

Trough my lessons and workshops I hope to create a sparkle and enlight the fire within other people to either start own path or deepen their knowlegde and skills in bushcraft and ancestral skills.

Therefore my workshops and courses can range from nature based crafts like dye wool with natural colors to the different uses of horse shoe funges or ancient ways to transport fire.

I like to enrich my lessons with solid based background information, tales and stories or fun facts.

I have always enjoyed nature, but it was only several years ago that I started my own journey in the world of bushcraft and primitive skills. The year cours at Living by Nature in 2017 teached me how to not only experience and enjoy, but also be part of nature and make a connection to it in a different way. This awoke a deep passion and ever since I haven been caught up in the crafts, skills and knowlegde.

Earlier in life I had already found my passion for education. Raising my own 4 kids I was intriged by their development and decided to become a primairy school teacher as which I mainly worked with 4-6 years old. The natural curiousity of young kids and the way they learn by experience and play is facinating and it is a joy to guide them trough this path. Later on I joined the educational department of the library and besides working with kids I organised workshops and courses for teachers, child care workers and parents.

When I had the chance to combine these two passions and participate to the instructor course of Living by Nature I was thrilled to take upon this opportunity.

Since 2020 I work as a free lance instructor. By sharing my my passion for bushcraft and ancestral skills with both adults and kids I hope to contribute to the respect and care of mankind for the natural world.

Position: Assistant Instructor at Living by Nature

Sessions by Ellen van Eijmeren

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