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Jamie L. Burleigh

Jamie L. Burleigh has studied, practiced and taught the fundamentals of living with nature in nature and utilizing all it may provide.

From living history demonstrations, lithic technologies, hunting, gathering, wild medicine, survival priorities, food preservation, tracking and much more he has dedicated his past and future endeavors to sharing what he has learned to anyone who wishes to share a campfire.

Specific Classes and Skills: In 2009 I developed a “young scouts” survival class and taught this program to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4H groups and Homeschooled children. It is still being shared today. Michigan State University awarded JLB an academic grant and approval to teach The first Outdoor Living Skills program in Port Huron Area School Districts, a first of its kind. .

I am sanctioned to teach aboriginal ways/cross cultural lessons on Tribal lands in Both United States and Ontario. I am also a contributing board member for MESSINGW INC. .

Our mission is to develop and establish programs, employment and projects for environmental conservation, protection, development and restoration. This organization will develop and deliver educational programs and take on stewardship responsibilities of environmental projects directly related to the Eelunaapeewi Laakeewit community through the securing of partnerships, funding and other revenue generating initiatives. .

Graduate of the Pathfinder Basic Survival Class.
Graduate of the Pathfinder Intermediate survival Class.
Graduate of the Pioneering Class at The Pathfinder School.
Graduate of the Pathfinder Scout class
Graduate of the Advanced Pathfinder survival class I assisted and taught The Pathfinder School Hudson Bay Trapping program Fish and Wildlife U.S Trappers Ed.
Certified and Licensed Nuisance Trapper WFA/ Wilderness & Remote Medicine, ASHI certified
On site Survival Expert, creative logistics for Mastadon Productions & National Geographic

Established Outdoor Writer/Author
Contributing author Bowyers Journal magazine
Contributing author Primitive Archer magazine
Contributing author Primitive Ways
Contributing author Woods and Water News
Contributing author Self Reliance Illustrated
Contributing author American Survival Guide
2008 I wrote my first book on how to build a primitive bow, and currently its in its third printing
Contributing author for Creek Stewart

Position: Co-owner and instructor of The Old World Alliance community and brand
2021-05-04 Bowmaking
2021-05-05 Bowmaking
2021-05-06 Bowmaking
2021-05-07 Primitive Arrow

Sessions by Jamie L. Burleigh

4 May 2021 – MASTERCLASS
5 May 2021 – MASTERCLASS
6 May 2021 – MASTERCLASS
7 May 2021 – WORKSHOP