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Jesper Hede
Bushcraft Danmark

Jesper Hede

Jesper Hede has from a very early age been interested in primitive skills and spend most of his life in nature. For the past 8 years he has worked as a instructor at his school Bushcraft Danmark, teaching people from all over the world bushcraft and survival skills.

At the age of 10, Jesper started playing in the local woods and was soon fascinated by the idea of living of the land, using nature and your surroundings to thrive in nature and he has ever since spend all his sparetime learning about hunting, fishing, foraging, bushcraft and survival skills.

At the age of 30 he funded the first and only danish bushcraft community and started his school and store Bushcraft Danmark a couple of years later.

Today, Jesper is teaching fulltime at his school, along side teaching at lots of other schools in Denmark, such as University of Copenhagen, The free school teachers, DGI etc.

Jesper is also working as a consultant for the danish "ALONE" show and other nature based TV programs and has in 2020 published the first danish book about Bushcraft in Scandinavia, called "Bushcraft i Norden"

JesperĀ“s school, Bushcraft Danmark is today working together with other international school, such as Living by Nature and is to find at most main bushcraft events around the world.

Position: Owner and founder of Bushcraft Danmark
2021-05-07 Foraging
2021-05-08 Knife handle and barksheath

Sessions by Jesper Hede

7 may 2021 – WORKSHOP
8 may 2021 – WORKSHOP