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Karin Stålber

Karin Stålber

Karin Stålberg is the co-founder and owner of TJÆLD, a maker of unique tents since 2012 and has in recent years also specialized in supplying crafts materials that may be hard to find for beginner craftsmen and women.

Karin also works as a chef specializing in outdoor cooking for children and has great knowledge of cooking for people with allergies and specific diets.

Karin lived a year in a Tipi in central Sweden experiencing the full nature of her home country, from its rainy summer days, stormy autumn nights and the biting cold of the Swedish winter to the warmth of the +1°C spring mornings. She then moved into a traditional Mongolian Ger or Yurt for three years still making tents and doing all manners of crafts and slöjd.

During the time Karin lived in the Tipi, she completed her formal education as a nature and canoe guide. She then attended a year-long school program in primitive and traditional crafts, learning everything from flint knapping, iron smelting, blacksmithing, slöjd crafts such as spoon carving, making birch bark containers, bentwood boxes, hide tanning to skills such as food storage and traditional Swedish storing techniques, animal trapping, primitive hunting and fishing.

Karin has always been interested in Archaeology and has focused a lot of her time and energy the last seven years on experimental archaeology and crafts relating to this subject such as teaching flint knapping, net making, tanning and cooking without modern tools or implements.

Position: Owner TJÆLD

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