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Katrien Leemen
Living by Nature

Katrien Leemen

Katrien wasn't the typical outdoors kid. She grew up in a big city and her contact with nature was limited to the annual family holiday in the Ardennes.

Nevertheless her urge for adventure has been there since she was young and with many detours in the Balkans, it took her to the virgin forest of southern Slovenia. These hidden primeval forests, known for their wide variety of species, but also as the home of animals such as wolves, bears and lynxes. Wandering through nature she got fascinated by the stories of the forest, the visible and invisible tales.

Plants and trees, animals and their tracks, fire and its ancient history, the knowledge and skills of our ancestors,… All parts of a powerful set of stories that call to be heard and told. And that is exactly what Katrien wants to do: listen, learn, see, be and to experience and pass this on to others….

Katrien was a yearcourse student of Living By Nature in 2017-2018 and beside being a wintercourse student at the she also started as working as an instructor.

Position: Instructor at Living by Nature
2021-05-08 Test 1
2021-05-07 Test 2
2021-05-09 Test 3
2021-05-05 Test 4

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