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Kelly Harlton
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Kelly Harlton

In 1974, at a School campout, this 'old guy' with a thick beard and a beret on his head shows up. He starts off by whipping up a pack frame out of 3 sticks, slinging it onto his back, and then continues on by taking us for a 2-hour hike. On that hike, it seemed like he must have shown us 100 things.

He swooped down, plucked some yarrow leaves, had us crush them to get the strong sage-like scent while explaining all the uses. A few steps later he bent down, parted the moss, and pulled up a 3-foot piece of spruce root. In a short moment, he had the bark stripped, the root split, and demonstrated to us how to make a rabbit snare. The hike continued with "taste this", "smell this", "eat this". This little walk profoundly changed the way I looked at the wilderness. Before that moment it had just been a sea of green trees and grass. It was like the veil of green had just been lifted! I was so enthralled when I left camp, that I began a lifelong quest to collect survival and woodcraft manuals, study wild edible plants, gather outdoor gear and clothing, and of course, spend as much time as possible stomping around the bush. One year later at the age of 12, I did my first winter overnight solo in the bush. I was known as ‘Camper Kelly’ by my peers until high school. That first hike was over 46 years ago. The Late Mors Kochanski used to jokes that I was probably his oldest student.

Of course, I had to access this new wilderness of mine so that got me into canoeing, kayaking, backpacking, backcountry skiing, and snowshoeing and Toboggan Trekking. Hunting and fishing were natural extensions and I was a residence trapper for several years. I did some prospecting and staked a claim when I was 17 where I spent a couple of summers placer mining.

Come and Play with Bushcraft, the Canadian (Mors) Style!

1997 formed the company Wildside Wilderness Connection
Guided Canoe and Kayak Tours for 12 years, and Wilderness skills 23 years (to the present)
Head instructor for Mors, and Karamat Wilderness ways (Mors sanctioned school) Since 2009
Mors certified Wilderness Living Skills Instructor
Instructing put me alongside countless other Amazing instructors and Students to learn from.
Search and Rescue and Fire Service, 10 years. Served as Luitenant.
Canadian Rangers as a civilian instructor trainer. (4th CRPG) from 2018 until the present
Paddled Remote Wilderness Rivers in many areas of Canada.

Position: Wilderness Survival Instructor at Karamat Wilderness Ways
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