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Kevin Newton
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Kevin Newton

Kevin Newton is the owner-operator of Australian Survival Instructors and is a highly experienced outdoor survival instructor, bow hunter, bushcraftsman, flint knapper, potter, primitive skills researcher, Instructor & weapons re-creator.

He has over 30 years of outdoor experience including 2 years living in the Italian Alps in the early 90’s. His passion for primitive survival skills, including re-creating the weapons, clothing and gear that Oetzi the Iceman was found with, has made him Australia’s premiere survival and primitive survival skills instructor.

Kevin has featured on Australian national television, Japanese television, in news interviews, ABC radio, Triple J ‘Hack’ and also an episode of channel 7 ‘Sydney Weekender’ and was featured on Channel 7 TV series “Get Clever”, aired on Discovery Aus, NZ & Asia. In February 2019 Kevin filmed a U.S television episode of “Conan without Borders”, with world famous Talk Show host, Conan O’Brien, and was featured on the Italian TV network ‘Marco Polo’ with host Iona Sermoneta, March 2019 as well as ABC Radio Nationwide with Ron Quinn.

In August 2019 Kevin collaborated with ‘The Bush Tucker Man’ Les Hiddins on a video project together. Kevin has also taught Australian Special Forces survival and primitive skills.

Position: Owner-operator of Australian Survival Instructors
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