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Linda Welgraven
Siegurd Bushcraft & Survival

Linda Welgraven

Hi! My name is Linda Welgraven and unlike many, I didn’t grow up learning the skills of thriving in the outdoors. But, I always felt a connection with Nature. Ever since I was little I was wandering on forest grounds, being amazed by all the things I found and saw.

Often, I lost track of place and time, completely consumed by my mini-adventures with no goal. I just loved being in the woods and especially got great satisfaction of spotting roe deer. Later in my teens, this all got a bit to the background. Later on in my 20’s, by the time I had a high responsable, time consuming job, my desire to be in nature came back, and even more heavily. During my search for like-minded people a stumbled upon a bushcraft event where a new world unfolded to me.

I met Siegurd van Leusen (founder of a year later in 2015 and I was thrilled when I was asked to join his team as an assistant. I followed many of his courses and dedicated all my free time practising, exploring and gaining new knowledge. Simultaneously I followed the year-course at Living by Nature which allowed me to explore primitive skills and taught me how much our ancestors were in the balance of Nature.

For me being in nature is natural now. I decided to live less materialistic, more seasonal bonded, quit my job and gave up my brick-based home. I live in a Tipitent for over two years now and sindce 2018 I started as bushcraft instructor at I find great satisfaction in passing knowledge to others. When coming to a workshop with me, let yourself be amased by even the smallest and simple things nature has to offer us, what it teaches us and what we can do with it!

Position: Instructor Siegurd Bushcraft & Survival
2021-05-07 Coiling with pine needles
2021-05-08 Coiling with pine needles
2021-05-09 Fire making basics

Sessions by Linda Welgraven

7 May 2021 – WORKSHOP
8 May 2021 – WORKSHOP
9 May 2021 – WORKSHOP