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Marco Priori
Natural Survival

Marco Priori

MARCO PRIORI is an Italian naturalist and survivalist, founder of a new natural movement called NATURAL SURVIVAL™. Its goal is to get people more aware, learning how to integrate ancient skill’s teachings to our modern daily lives.

He is an EU Adv. Master Survival Instructor (8+ EQF Level) and Responsible for International Relationship of the Italian Survival Federation (FISSS). Marco appears montly on one of the most popular Italian TV channels (watch his episodes on Canale 5 - link) explaining technics and concepts of Natural Survival. Since his youth he was intrigued by Nature and has studied wildlife behavior. As an adult he graduated in Earth Sciences and became Ph.D in Environmental Engineering. Meanwhile he specialized in tracking and bushcraft techniques traveling all around Africa and North America, being in close contact with Native people. He writes technical articles for Bushcraft Magazine, Survival Magazine and Italian Environmental Police (Carabinieri) Magazine. As an expert in tracking and ethology, he is a national referent for the special FISSS sector "Survival & Animal Tracking". He holds specialized courses throughout Italy and seminars on wildlife management and tracking at University of Siena and University of Rome.

Years ago he moved to the mountains of the central Apennines to experiment with new experiences, survival techniques and life in the woods because he is convinced that if you do not live in Nature 365 days a year you will not be able to know Her secrets.

" A man in balance with the Spirit of Nature is a man in balance with himself" Marco Priori, 2009

With Natural Survival School he organizes specialized Courses in English in Italy and abroad.


It is a natural movement based on four fundamental pillars. With this particular aproach, they are the main aspects which your relationship with Nature should be based on: Spiritual Search of a balance Ability of reading the land (geomorphology, wind, sounds, …) and animal tracking High performance in primitive survival techniques Knowledge of Natural Sciences

With these four basis, the path teaches how to find out a balance with Nature even in modern days.

Located in the Central Appennini Mountains (Italy), the Natural Survival school is the perfect place to explore also the wide Bushcraft world in a semi-survival to a full survival situation in Nature. In this place everything we do has the goal to keep the pureness of Nature untouched.

Position: Founder and head instructor Natural Survival

Sessions by Marco Priori

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