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Mikko Kettunen
Karu Survival

Mikko Kettunen

Mikko is the founder of Karu Survival and the company's head instructor. Mikko was born and raised in eastern Finland where outdoors and nature have always been a big part of upbringing . Hunting, fishing and gathering food from nature are a strong part of everyday life and the skills are usually learned from older generation.

For 16 years Mikko worked as a ranger and recon instructor in the Finnish Defence Forces where he specialised in survival and extreme arctic conditions. After the Army, Mikko started his own outdoor company where he can help people to take their first steps into nature and help them understand their own history.

Mikko believes that people are always part of nature. In nature, it is easier for us to understand what our place in the world is. Without nature, we cannot understand our roots, or our history. Mikko wants to bring nature and the outdoors closer to people."

Position: Founder of Karu Survival
2021-05-07 Open fire bread baking
2021-05-08 Open fire bread baking
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Sessions by Mikko Kettunen

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