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Morten Kutschera
Flint Knapper

Morten Kutschera

Morten is a professional flintknapper and an experimental archaeologist from Norway – a modern day Jack of all ancient trades with a tinker lifestyle

Morten has 30 years of experience working in public archaeology, giving lectures and prehistoric crafts demonstrations at museums, and he has taught flintknapping and other aspects of primitive technology to large numbers of students, archaeological professionals and primitive skills enthusiast all over Europe and beyond.

Over the years he has been commissioned by numerous museums and cultural heritage institutions across Norway, Denmark and Germany for replicas, demonstrations of ancient technology, and research assistance. In addition to running his own company, MK’s Prehistoric Arts & Crafts, Morten is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Exeter and an instructor for Living by Nature.

In his younger years, as a student and field archaeologist, Morten realized that the best way to understand how Stone Age tools were made and used was to sit down and learn to make them himself. In the beginning, he only thought of this only as research tool. However, realizing that the same knowledge and skillset could be used in a number of different ways, Morten managed to turn flintknapping, primitive technology and replica-making into a career and a full-time job.

Morten is constantly seeking to improve his skills and widen his repertoire of techniques through a combination of archaeological research and replication, and he is capable of reproducing a wide range of tools, weapons, accessories and utensils from different time periods using stone, bone, antler, wood and other natural materials.

He was among the pioneers in teaching prehistory to school children through activity-based instruction, and his ideas and replicas are currently widely used in teaching programs at museums and schools across Norway.

Morten has a passion for the simple and efficient technologies that people can learn in a few days and apply quickly in real survival situations.

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