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Raven Gray

Raven Gray

Raven Gray is a seasoned practitioner of primitive skills, rewilding, and ancestral lifeways. With an MSc in Culture and Ecology, and over 25 years’ experience in wilderness living, land-based practices, and regenerative design, she is committed to shifting the cultural paradigm from industrial instability to wild resilience.

A founding pioneer of the resilient community movement, Transition Towns, and the founder of the national hub, Transition US, Raven previously taught sustainable living skills in the UK and Asia. Her work has been featured in the New York Times and Elle magazine, and she has appeared on national television and radio, and presented at conferences and events on both sides of the Atlantic.

Raven has traveled extensively on five different continents, learning from indigenous people and studying with many of the world’s top survival and primitive skills instructors. She is dedicated to honoring this lineage and keeping the old ways alive through teaching, writing, and speaking. She believes that primitive skills and ancestral traditions are vital pathways that can lead to personal and planetary health.

A mother devoted to rewilding her child, Raven frequently writes and speaks about raising a nature-connected wild child, and what it means to be a primal parent in today’s world. Raven and her son follow a paleo lifestyle in diet, movement, and mindfulness. They regularly attend primitive skills gatherings and ancestral health events to hone their knowledge and ability.

Raven is particularly fascinated by prehistoric clothing technologies and how material culture connects us to the natural world. She loves to make her own clothes from the skins and fibers of the land around her. A passionate wildlife tracker, bird language whizz, and California naturalist, Raven lives with her son on occupied Coast Miwok lands, in the protected wildlands of the Point Reyes National Seashore, Northern California.


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