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Steven Le Say
Axe & Paddle Bushcraft

Steven Le Say

Steven is a primitive skills and Bushcraft instructor and craftsman, based in Sussex.  Steve and his wife Kirsty run Axe & Paddle Bushcraft, teaching a range of crafts such as Paddle Carving, Moccasin Making and Fur Tanning.

Primarily Steve enjoys making and recreating primitive artefacts - anything from primitive fishing hooks to sinew backed bows and he also makes a range of high quality ‘old-style’ camping bags and tents and carves solid wood canoe paddles.  He can turn his hand to any craft, with a fine eye for detail.  His passion for primitive skills and Bushcraft was born when his mother showed him a book about Native American Crafts, and he subsequently set about learning each of the skills he read about and making replicas of the crafts he saw.

Steve, through his courses and demonstrations, hopes to encourage others to learn and enhance their primitive knowledge and skills, practice techniques and push themselves. 

Position: Bushcraft instructor at Axe & Paddle Bushcraft
2021-05-04 Masterclass - Rawhide Parfleche
2021-05-05 Masterclass - Making a Primitive Fish Hook
2021-05-08 Workshop - Slate Arrow Heads
2021-05-09 Demo - Paddle Carving

Sessions by Steven Le Say

4 May 2021 – MASTERCLASS
5 May 2021 – MASTERCLASS
8 May 2021 – WORKSHOP