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Tobias Karlsson
Craft By Karlsson

Tobias Karlsson

The woods been with me ever since me and my family moved out on the country when I was 5 years old.

We had a small stream close by where I fished trout and the forest became my playground where I spent as much time as I could. It is closed to 40 years ago now but I am still playing as much as I can in the woods and have a child’s curiosity in learning new things and being outdoors.

I held my first survival course almost 25 years ago and have always loved spreading knowledge and meeting people and learn from them. The truth is that I didn’t know that it was bushcraft I was doing until someone told me that 5-10 years ago. I liked what I was hearing and decided that it sounded quit right. So 2016 I and group of people started the Swedish Bushcraft Association and also the Swedish Bushcraftfestival.

Photocredits Saly Vestman

Position: Founder Craft By Karlsson
2021-05-07 Swedish traps and snares
2021-05-08 Swedish traps and snares
2021-05-09 Swedish traps and snares

Sessions by Tobias Karlsson

7, 8 and 9 May 2021 – Workshop