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Tom Foley
Australian Survival Instructors

Tom Foley

Tom Foley is a young, enthusiastic Earth skills instructor and practitioner, teaching at Australian Survival Instructors school since 2017.

Specialising in indigenous skills and Experimental Archaeology, Tom’s mission is to learn dying skills and preserve the ancient ways of indigenous peoples from around the world, passing them on to the next generation. Currently studying a bachelor of Archaeology, focusing on the skills that have proved fundamental in the evolution and construction of humanity as we know it, such as running, flintknapping hunting, friction fire, tanning and much more. Having already travelled to Israel, the UK and Rarotonga to learn methods of living off the land and Experimental Archaeology, Tom has only just begun his journey in preserving the first skills of humanity, now planning his next trip to live with the Hadza Bushmen of Tanzania. With extensive experience in the production and recreation of artefacts, Tom has produced working replicas of stone age tools spanning from his home in Australia all the way to the frigid shores of the Arctic.

Position: Instructor at Australian Survival Instructors

Sessions by Tom Foley

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